The “Hot Issues”… Voter Identification and Guns

I am not the kind of person who blogs very much. The reason for this? I tend to not write about something unless it really interests me or I just want to create a record of the subject. Most of the time blogs tend to be full of opinion and questionable “facts” and I just don’t like to add to any misinformation. The internet is already full of that. Why would I want to contribute?

What I have come to realize over the last year, however, is that I bite my tongue on a lot of the big issues others choose to spout off about. Why? Because I am at a place that I feel a lot of people are at… I feel I am not allowed to have my opinions without someone being offended by them. Now, this is probably because I have such a diverse mix of friends. If I was only friend with Conservatives then I would at least be able to talk about the conservative side of my political and social views without backlash. If I was only friends with Liberals then I could openly express my liberal views.

But I am a moderate. You know what that means? It means I am not allowed to say anything without one side or the other getting upset about it and I am tired of it. Yep, that’s right! I am tired of it and I have every right to have my opinions and express them without being inaccurately labeled by people who claim to know me, but actually know nothing about me.

So below I am going to state how I feel on a few of the “hot issues” of 2015. I am doing so because this is the only place I am able to speak my mind freely… Perhaps there will still be a backlash, but I doubt it given how my blog is pretty much read by nobody.


“Should a photo ID be required to vote?”

People who say “Yes” – 79%
People who say “No” – 21%

My view – Yes, I think an ID should be required to vote. Pretty much anything and everything you could possibly do of any significance in this country requires an ID (aside from having a child or personal things like that). However, I think that there should be more effort put into making Photo ID’s easier for people to obtain. This is where my lack of knowledge on the difficulty others face comes into play. For me, getting my ID was easy and a normal part of life… That may not be so for others in different life situations. If we are going to require ID’s for voting then we need to make ID’s easily attainable for all citizens.


“Should every person purchasing a gun be required to pass a criminal and public safety background check?”

People who say “Yes” – 92%
People who say “No” – 8%

Do you support increased gun control?

People who say “Yes” – 45%
People who say “No” – 55%

What I found interesting in the difference between the percentages for these two questions is actual how the noes were divided with the second question. For each of these “Yes” or “No” answers there was an option to say “Yes, but/and…” or “No, but…”

About 11% out of the 55% of the “No” answers were actually “No, but…” answers where they said no, but then went on to make exceptions to that no… Doesn’t that mean they ARE for increased gun control? If you are not for increased gun control that means you are not for ANY changes being made… so if you add a “but” to your “no”… That means “Yes” and you just don’t want to admit it.

Either way, I don’t see how the country can basically be 50/50 on gun control yet nearly 100% “Yes” on the background check. It clearly shows that the polling method that uses is either highly flawed or there are a lot of Americans who really don’t understand where they truly stand on the issue.

My View – I am for gun control. There should be solid background checks, yearly mental health evaluations, and training for anyone who is purchasing or owns a gun. Why do we require more for someone to drive then we do for someone to own a weapon that can kill multiple people quicker then they would otherwise be able to? There are a lot of arguments people bring up about why gun control is bad and every single one of them is extremely questionable as to their merit.

“Gun control will take guns away from the law abiding citizens” – No it won’t because law abiding citizens will pass their damn background checks! The only people who should be scared about having to take a background check to keep their gun is someone who has something to hide. Either that or they are just paranoid…

“The criminals will still get guns” – That is pretty much like saying we shouldn’t have laws against selling drugs because dealers will still sell drugs. Yes, they will still sell them, but at least it will not be as easy and will discourage some from doing so. That’s better then just saying “fuck it” and making all drugs legal to sell.

“If someone wants to kill they will kill with or without a gun” – Yes, but they will not be able to kill as many people as quickly. Having a gun makes it easier to kill more people in a shorter amount of time then having a knife… The only every day weapon that would possibly compare would be a vehicle of some sort… and only if it plows, full-speed, into a crowd of people. Or a bomb. Yes, if someone wants to kill they will figure out how, but why wouldn’t we want to make it harder for them to kill as many people?

There are other arguments that people bring up, I’m sure, but those three seem to be the main ones other then the standard “MOMMY (the second amendment) SAID I CAN HAVE A COOKIE (a gun) SO I WILL HAVE A COOKIE (a gun)” argument. I have a pretty strong feeling that some nutcase is going to shoot up some place some day to protect their right to have a gun… And the sad thing is, they won’t even see the hypocrisy in that.

Enough on that one.


Should people on the “no-fly list” be banned from purchasing guns and ammunition?

People who say “Yes” – 84%
People who say “No” – 16%

I consider this to be a separate issue to the questions above so I moved it to the number three slot. This is less of a matter of gun control and more of a matter of national security. I must say, though, that 2% out of the 16% who answered “No” said no because it was a slippery slope that will lead to the ban on sales of guns to anyone… *rolls eyes*

My View – This is a simple answer for me. If you are not trusted enough to ride on a plane is the US then why on earth should you be trusted to have a gun??? I do feel, however, that this should only be the case if the no-fly screening process accuracy is improved and includes due process. Either way, there should still be background checks and mental health screenings regardless.

Mind you, these are just my opinions. Of course I think they are right, they wouldn’t be my opinions if I didn’t… But that is how we all feel about what we think. What matters is if we are willing to listen to other opinions with an open mind and acknowledge when, if at any point, new information changes how we see things. As I find more days where I just feel like expressing myself on different matters, I will approach different hot subjects and let you know what my view is.

Not that it matters to anyone… unless, of course, it does.